Reasons for Post Construction Cleaning

Renovating a home is an extremely time-consuming and exhausting job. As the end of the project nears, it may be tempting to throw in the towel rather than exuding the extra effort necessary to thoroughly prepare the area for the final touches. To achieve optimum results, consider hiring a professional post construction cleaning company to service your space for these reasons and more:

  • Employees will intensively vacuum each surface to remove dust build-up
  • Ceilings and walls are cleaned with a specialized electromagnetic wipe to prepare for paint application
  • Air purifiers or dehumidifiers can effectively eliminate unpleasant odors or construction smells
  • Clutter removal - Staff members are trained in getting rid of clutter and proper disposal requirements

Installing new flooring, window treatments, or other decorative touches to the space will be a breeze once the excess dirt and construction remnants have been removed.

Getting Rid of Clutter

The feeling of accomplishing a large task is exceptionally rewarding, and we would be pleased to assist you in reaching your goal. Post construction cleaning commands strict attention to detail to ensure that every area is spotless and free from grime.

Because our employees are productive and experienced with large-scale jobs, prestigious clients and celebrities continually retain Home Clean Home, Inc. for renovations, building projects, clearing clutter, or maintenance of their current home. Recommended by many top agencies and companies as the best in the business for getting rid of clutter, we guarantee that each client will be completely satisfied. And, if you're not, just contact our main office and we will gladly return to your location to clean for free.

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