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Benefits of a Clean Carpet

Benefits of a Clean Carpet

The benefits of a clean carpet are numerous, and yet in many households it is a neglected practice. It takes a lot of effort to keep a carpet properly cleaned, and life can certainly keep us all busy. With Home Clean Home (hch) at your service, there is no need to worry about finding the time to keep a carpet in perfect condition. Our team can save you time and energy with our carpet cleaning services, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a clean carpet.


Number 1 Benefit of a Clean Carpet:

Improved Air Quality: Carpets can be traps for allergens, which can make it difficult to breathe and even irritate asthmatics. The Home Clean Home carpet cleaning services can solve this problem in no time, and get your carpet and your home feeling brand new.

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Green Cleaning Services

Home Clean Home: Green Cleaning Services


The Home Clean Home green cleaning services offer an unrivaled experience in cleanliness while including ecofriendly methods. Protecting the environment, and the health of our clients, is of a great concern to us. Our green house cleaning services are performed with these values in mind, and we are proud to join the ranks of green cleaning companies in NYC.


Most of us simply clean our homes with whichever product or method promises the quickest or powerful results, without considering the residual effects. Being conscious of our decisions, however, has the potential to vastly improve our quality of live. The benefits of a green house cleaning are hard to beat. By offering green cleaning services, we make the well-being of our clients a top priority.


Benefits of Green House Cleaning:

1.     Breathe easier. Using the average household cleaning products even once a week increases the risk of developing asthma. Green cleaning services improve air quality, and can greatly lesson that risk by reducing exposure to toxic chemical gasses and airborne dust. Plus, green cleaning products tend to have a much more pleasant and therapeutic aroma than harsh bleaches and other cleaning agents.


2.     Safety. Home Clean Home uses non-toxic products for every green house

cleaning. Exposure to regular products can be poisonous via inhalation, and skin contact can potentially be corrosive and cause chemical burns. More mild symptoms can range from eye irritation or rashes. The green cleaning products we use are non-irritating, and they are safe to use around children and pets, making our green cleaning services good for the home and the family.


3.     Healthier Environment. Green cleaning companies minimize their carbon footprints, and the carbon footprints of their clients, by providing green cleaning services. Many cleaning chemicals are harmful to the ozone layer. Not to mention, they pollute our waterways, the air we breathe, and damage the plant and wildlife around us. The Home Clean Home green cleaning services are the perfect thing to clean a house while taking care of our home – Mother Earth.


We provide green cleaning services to Brooklyn and the NYC area in an effort to beautify our hometown, however we are able to travel all throughout the tristate to anyone interested in an eco-conscious, green house cleaning.  It is our hope that by providing green cleaning services to Brooklyn and its NYC neighbors, our efforts to positively impact the environment will improve the lives of not only our immediate clients, but everyone around the world. For more information about the green cleaning products we use, visit www.hygeanatural.com

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Green office cleaning

Green office cleaning is a great way to reduce your business’s carbon footprint, and improve morale around the office. Many businesses already recycle as an effort to protect the earth and its resources, and a green janitorial service is the perfect way to tie those efforts together. The Home Clean Home green office cleaning services offer an environmentally conscious clean that will be refreshing to both you and your employees.


Similar to our green housekeeping services, the Home Clean Home green office cleaning services use ecofriendly products and techniques to beautify the workspace. Most cleaning products, such as bleach or a household window cleaner, can irritate the respiratory system and quite honestly are not pleasant to breathe in or smell. Let’s face it, working in an office that smells like bleach is nobody’s idea of a good time, and the unpleasant distraction more than likely causes a decrease in employee productivity. The products that we use in our green office cleaning are made of natural ingredients, and they are sure to leave the workplace with an optimistic shine and a joy inducing aroma.


For business owners who would like to incorporate our green janitorial service as a regular part of their practices, we offer office cleaning contracts. Because we are a WBE certified company, our office cleaning contracts can benefit your company twofold. On the one hand, the Home Clean Home green janitorial service helps any workspace sparkle to its fullest potential, while our office cleaning contracts show the city and state that you are diversifying your business, so your company will look good from every perspective! Further, scheduling a regular green office cleaning in advance is one less thing you’ll have to worry about while you are busy driving your company towards success.



The Home Clean Home green office cleaning services are highly detailed office maintenance services that include everything from mold mitigation, to stain removal, to carpet cleaning. We can work during the day, or overnight, whichever best suits your needs. The main goal of our green janitorial services are to get your office in the best shape possible, so you can get back to business. We use natural and commercial green cleaning products by manufacturer Hygea Natural


Give us a call for a consultation, or to learn more about our office cleaning contracts.


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How To Do A Passover Cleaning

How to Do A Passover Cleaning by Home Clean Home

Passover is right around the corner, but a proper passover cleaning (Pesach cleaning0 doesn’t have to be scary. Home Clean Home has put together a fool proof checklist to help get you on track to a 100% kosher, chometz free house just in time for the holiday.


1. Gather and sell or lock away all Chometz

  • Bread
  • Cereal
  • Pasta/Rice
  • Oats/Grains


2. Wipe down and disinfect all appliances

  • Inside Oven
  • Toaster

Food Processor

  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Other Appliances


3. Surfaces

  • Counter Tops
  • Stove Top
  • Sink
  • Cabinets/Pantry
  • Dish Rack
  • Other Surfaces


4. Architecture

  • Floor
  • Moldings/Windows


  • Closets/Drawers
  • Molding/Windows
  • Door
  • Box Spring/Mattress
  • Linens/Laundry
  • Floor


Living Room 

  • Between Cushions
  • Under/Behind Furniture
  • Door
  • Shelves/Surfaces
  • Moldings/Windows
  • Floor

 Dining Room

  • Chair Cushions
  • Table/Tablecloth
  • Dinnerware
  • Moldings/Windows


Furniture/Upholstery & Carpet

  • Sweep/Brush
  • Steam Clean
  • Vacuum
  • Shampoo
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How to Help a Hoarder

How to Help a Hoarder


If you are wondering how to help a hoarder, whether a parent, friend, or loved one, you have come to the right place. A hoarder is someone with a psychological issue that results in the collecting of items and inability to want to dispose of them, to the point that his or her life is being consumed. Here are some ways you can help:


  1. Educate yourself and the individual on hoarding. Since hoarding is usually a symptom of a psychological disorder, you’ll want to give your hoarding parent, friend, or loved one the tools to identify and solve the root of the issue. This is an especially helpful approach for helping a hoarder in denial, because it gives that person the option to realize his or her condition individually, and will build trust.



  1. Be supportive of a hoarder in recovery. Have patience, it might take a long time to see results. Help foster problem solving skills like being able to decide what is a want vs. a need, or coming up with better coping mechanisms. Set boundaries to prevent the hoarding from affecting your own life, but remember to be respectful when expressing concerns. If the problem persists, encourage your loved one to explore professional help such as psychological treatment or a cleaning service.



  1. Create a strategy to get rid of things. Focus on one area at a time, and refrain from simply buying containers unless they’re absolutely necessary. Containers are a great way to organize, but acquiring more items may not be the healthiest choice for a hoarder. Never get rid of things without permission, and whenever possible let the hoarder decide what stays and what goes. Make decisions in fewer than 15 seconds, as the longer you think about something, the more likely you are to keep it. Learning to let go will take some practice, but asking questions on how to help a hoarder, will lead to the questions if the item will be used any time soon is a great place to start.


Once you’ve determined how to help a hoarder. be sure to remain consistent. The road to recovery is a long one, but with your help a hoarder’s life can transform. For more assistance on how to help a hoarder cleanup and become clutter free, call Hoarders 911.

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Hoarding Solutions

Creating a strategy to help de-clutter a hoarders home is the first part of the hoarding solutions. Here are some suggestions to help you devise your own hoarding solutions.


The 10 Second Rule

Give yourself 10 seconds to decide whether or not to discard an item you already own, or when letting new items into your home. This way, you don’t dwell on something for too long, and stress yourself out or change your mind. The longer you think about something, the more likely you are to keep it. If you cannot come up with an immediate use for something within 10 seconds, it’s safe to say that you won’t need it.


Set Time Limits

If you do decide to hold on to something, make sure you don’t keep it for too long. Deciding ahead of time how long you are willing to keep something before discarding it will help reduce the amount of unused items taking up space in your home. For example, if you really like something, but don’t have an immediate use for it, hold it for 3 months. If after those 3 months it remained untouched, discard or donate it.


Give Everything a Home

Keeping something is fine as long as you have a place for it. Giving each item in your home a purpose and a designated area will help keep you organized, and it will also let you know if you have too much stuff. Storage containers should only be used if they will improve the use of an item that already has a purpose. If you can’t give an item a purpose, and it doesn’t have a place that makes sense to keep it, let it go.


Commit to a Schedule

A large collection can be overwhelming to de-clutter, but no one says you have to do it overnight. Dedicating a reasonable amount of time to focus on specific areas is a much more practical solution than trying to take on the whole house. If you can spend 30 minutes on de-cluttering 5 days a week, you’ll see results in no time.



Call a Professional

The team at Hoarders911 is thoroughly trained in de-cluttering strategies and hoarding solutions. We provide discreet and compassionate professional organization and rubbish removal services.

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Hoarders Clean Up Where to Start

Hoarders Clean Up: Where to Start


Knowing where to start can during a hoarder clean up can be challenging. Here is a check list to help get you on the right track:


  1. Asses the area and create a to do list. There are many tasks to complete when doing a hoarder’s cleanup. These include rubbish removal, organization, and cleaning. We recommend starting with basic rubbish removal, as it will make the environment more pleasant almost immediately. Things like expired medicines and food, empty bottles and boxes, or anything else that might be unsanitary are clear to be discarded.
  2. Next, decide which room to de-clutter first. This is usually a matter of personal preference, and shouldn’t be dwelt on for too long. If you’re having trouble, a good place to start might be the room you use the most, or the room that needs the least amount of work. Start small, and work your way up.
  3. Create a staging area to sort through items. Set up boxes or clear plastic bags labeled “keep”, “sell”, “donate”, “discard”, and “to be decided”. Try to keep the TBD stuff to a minimum. Anything labeled “keep” should be organized immediately, or repurposed into another box. Anything that can’t be sold should be donated.


Repeat these steps for each room and you’ll be on your way to a happy, clutter free home. Remember, focusing on small areas at a time is a lot less overwhelming than trying to clean a whole house, and prevents the churning of items from room to room. It is also the best way to see results. Take before and after pictures, so you can document progress.


If you need help getting things done, contact Hoarders911. Our cleaning crew has been tactfully transforming homes and giving people the tools they need to regain control of their lives for over 2 decades. For more information on our services, visit our website.

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Signs of hoarding

5 Signs That You’re a Hoarder

If the clutter is building up in your home, you might be wondering whether there are signs that you’re a hoarder. Here are 5 ways that you can tell:


  1. You keep things you haven’t used in years. This could be books, newspapers, or magazines you don’t read, clothes you don’t wear, or even broken electronics. Often we keep things with the intention of making use of them later, but why not recycle or donate them to someone who can use them right now?


  1. You have a hard time throwing things away, and often save things without a clear plan for their use. The thought of discarding something fills you with anxiety. You are afraid you might not have something when you need it, and have even kept things you originally bought as gifts for others. You might have even moved to a new home with boxes of things you’ve never unpacked.


  1. You cannot turn down a sale, or free things, even if they are things you’ll never use. You can’t stop yourself from shopping even when you don’t have the money, and buy multiples of things because you’ve forgotten what you actually own.


  1. You cannot use things like the refrigerator, dining room table, or even a door without first clearing off a space. The things in your home have grown beyond simple clutter, every room in your house has become a storage room. Many items that you have kept do not have homes, and simply travel from pile one pile to another, you say you’ll deal with it later but never do.


  1. You have become embarrassed by the clutter in your home, and do not often allow guests to enter. Perhaps you are even suspicious of people touching your possessions. Although your house may feel or smell dirty, you have so much stuff that you can’t clean it, or you’ve just gotten used to it.


Hoarding is classified as a psychological disorder related to anxiety, depression, and OCD. Everyone has small amounts of clutter that we deal with, so don’t panic if you can identify with some of the signs listed above. The one true sign that you’re a hoarder is when the clutter becomes unmanageable and starts taking over your life. If this is the case, consider getting help from a heavy duty cleaning service like Hoarders911. Our team of professionals are fully trained in comprehensive clutter solutions, and can assist you in reclaiming your home and your life.

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Hoarders Services

Hoarders Services :

Hoarders 911 is the hoarding department of Home Clean Home, we specialize in  hoarders services. Hoarders 911’s hoarders services offers specialists to hoarding sufferers in and around NYC. Experts are able to work with hoarders on issues such as clutter build up due to a need to hold onto items that no longer have use or provide benefit to hoarders. Such items can include, but are not limited to, food, recyclables, clothing, animals, and more. Hoarders 911 is different than other NYC based cleaning companies, as cleaners take an emotional, yet rational, approach to clutter cleaning. No belongings are removed from hoarders’ homes without approval from hoarders. It is in Hoarders 911’s best interest to ensure that clients are satisfied with Hoarders 911’s NYC hoarders services. Therefore, Hoarders 911 provides NYC hoarders with clutter cleanout options for every disposable item they come across.

Clutter cleaners provide clutter services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, and New Jersey. Clutter services are offered in office buildings, individual offices, estates, condominiums, houses, apartments, garages, and more. Clutter services incorporate over two years of training and experience in areas such as hoarder cleaning, junk removal, professional organization services, green cleaning, and more. As a child company to Hygea Natural, Hoarders 911 shares ownership with well-known NYC cleaning companies including Home Clean Home, Clutter 911, and Bed Bug 911. Organizational clutter references include government entities, nursing homes, hotels, and schools in and around the NYC metropolitan area. Hoarders 911 has Woman Owned Business and Green Cleaning capabilities, and recognizable client references and recommendations to support its history.

Hoarders 911’s NYC hoarders services follow a 7 step comprehensive solution that has performed exceptionally well across industries.


  1. NYC Uncluttering and De-cluttering services
  2. NYC Rubbish removal & Junk Removal hoarding help services
  3. NYC Initial home organization services
  4. NYC Extermination treatment services
  5. NYC Paint, repair, handy man services
  6. NYC Restoration and construction services
  7. NYC Heavy duty cleaning services


Hoarders911’s hoarders services understand that the 7 step comprehensive solution must be customized towards each client. While some hoarders require complete hoarder cleanup services, others may simply require hoarders cleanout services, rubbish removal, or uncluttering. The benefit of hiring NYC’s hoarders 911 is that hoarders services don’t have to come from multiple companies, as Hoarders 911 really is a one stop shop to all NYC metropolitan residents.  Hoarding can be uncomfortable or even embarrassing, but hoarding cleaner experts can bring homes back to their original conditions with our clutter removal service.


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Passover Cleaning Requirements

Passover Cleaning Requirements

Passover cleaning and Spring cleaning are not the same thing, Passover cleaning requirements have nothing to do with sprucing up the house and making it shiny for the spring season, although if you can manage this during your Pesach preparations that’s definitely a plus! Cleaning for Passover requires most importantly that all Chametz is removed from the house, or locked away and out of reach during the holiday. For this reason, tidying up and scrubbing is not enough. Here is a list of things that will help you meet Passover cleaning requirements and ensure that your house is Kosher for Pesach.


  1. Remove cushions from living and dining room furniture. Cleaning for Passover requires that not even a crumb is left behind, so make sure to check inside the couch, and vacuum around corners of chairs and underneath the cushions. Quite often crumbs can fall between the cracks in the cushions, and if these areas are going to be used during Pesach, you can be sure to come into contact with any leaven that was left behind.
  2. Inspect the nooks and crannies of the floor. Chametz crumbs could be hiding in any corner, be sure to thoroughly vacuum the spaces in between the floor and the walls. If you have hardwood floors, Chametz can exist in the spaces between the planks of wood, and carpets are an even better hiding place for Chametz. No matter what surface your floor, a detailed vacuuming is always in order.
  3. Move all the furniture. A good, deep clean is vital to meet Passover cleaning requirements. The last thing you want is to find out there were crumbs hiding under the couch or behind the oven during Pasech. Flip the mattresses and vacuum the whole area, lift anything standing on the floor and check underneath. This might include a couch, a china cabinet, or a potted plant. While you’re busy koshering the kitchen, make sure you move the oven away from the wall so you can clean it inside and out.
  4. Get a HEPA Filter for your Vacuum.  Regular household vacuums tend to release small particles back into the air. An industrial vacuum with a HEPA filter will guarantee everything sucked up stays inside, so there’s no need to be anxious over even the most miniscule amount of Chametz.

The cleaning crew at Home Clean Home is fully instructed in all the Passover cleaning requirements, and will look out for these details and more while servicing your home. To hire our team to aid you in your Pasech cleaning, call 718 517 2227.


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