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In the workplace, it is imperative for employees to be able to focus on their customer's case without fear of distraction. At Home Clean Home, Inc., we appreciate the need to minimize interruptions for businesses during the day, which is why the employees of our commercial cleaning company are available to work flexible hours and evenings.

Once the floor has cleared and the offices are quiet, we immediately get to work. Clients typically request that we perform a variety of services including dusting, vacuuming, and sanitizing the phones and work stations. These are important items that any janitorial company should be familiar with; routine cleanings of offices or commercial spaces can help prevent bacteria from spreading.

Other commercial building maintenance features that should be attended to are the door handles, light switches, and computer keyboards. All of these surfaces are frequently touched and if not cleaned and cared for, can become a breeding ground for germs. During the winter months, the cold and flu viruses are transmitted easily in this type of environment and can be eliminated by properly disinfecting.

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Many agencies ask clients to commit to a lengthy contract which secures them a lower monthly rate for their services. However, our residential and commercial cleaning company is so confident that you will be totally satisfied, we never ask you to sign anything.

After gathering some basic information about your property and specific needs, we develop a building cleaner estimate that notes all charges in detail. If it meets with your approval, we schedule an appointment for maintenance or commercial green cleaning on your location with our janitorial company.

If you're ready to give your business a fresh start for the morning with our excellent, dependable services, please contact us for your free estimate.

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