Janitorial Cleaning Service Maintains, Entertains

In less than one minute, a person will have formed a first impression of an individual, thing, or place that they are interacting with. Consequently, it is essential to grasp the opportunity to create a favorable, lasting memory that will distinguish your business from all others in the eyes of prospective clients or vendors. Retaining a commercial building maintenance crew can be your first step on this path to visible success.

If your lobby or gathering space is dark and dingy from old wallpaper or water stains, it may be time to update the area with a more attractive color and welcoming features. For example, a janitorial cleaning service may set up a small tea station, stocked with hot water, delicious teas, cups and napkins. Customers can sit and enjoy a warm beverage and magazine as they wait for their appointment.

Vinyl, linoleum, tile, and hardwood flooring must be meticulously maintained and treated regularly to prolong its' longevity. Carpet made for areas with high amounts of traffic can withstand dirt and grime more readily, but should be treated and steamed two to three times a year. The winter months can be especially hard, as salt, sand, and slush are often tracked in on the heels of employees or clients. Home Clean Home has an extensive line of commercial janitorial services to take care of your needs.

Commercial Building Maintenance, Inside and Out

Taking care of the outside of your property is just as important as caring for what's inside. If that brick or vinyl exterior could use a little face-lift, contact our commercial building maintenance team to get the job done right.

An easy way to brighten up a dull atmosphere inside the office is to have your windows thoroughly washed. Our professional janitorial cleaning service will give your surfaces a lustrous gleam, allowing the brilliant natural sunlight to generously stream through. Armed with sturdy scaffolding and ladders, nimble employees will vigorously scrub and squeegee each window to remove hard water spots and dirt. Top off a streak-less shine by having your screens cleaned each spring, to help them stay fresh and crisp for the balmy summer months.

Our efficient professional janitorial services team is also equipped to dust and polish chandeliers and light fixtures of all shapes and sizes, keeping your office or lobby shining radiantly. To learn more about the techniques we use when caring for commercial properties, please see the next page.


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